Wanze new experiment

project title: Effects of Short Interstimulus Invervals (ISIs) on Infant Sustained Attention and Correlated Event-related Potentials (ERPs) – Description of the news: This study is my qualifying project that is mentored by Dr. John Richards. The main idea of this project is that short ISIs will facilitate infant sustained attention and cause better attention engagement in infant ERP studies. This summer Wanze made great progress on preparation for this project. The E-prime program has been finalized and works well. The NSR program and video recording program have been tested and ready for the study. EEGlab and ERPlab have been tested and will be used as the main ERPs analysis programs for this project. We tested an adult participant for this study and everything went well. Wanze has also made a video for this study and it has been uploaded to our website by Dr. Richards. We scheduled several infants in Aug and Sep as the prior subjects. We are almost ready for collecting data.