We Went to SRCD

This April the Infant Lab participated in the biennial meeting of SRCD (the Society for Research in Child Development) in Seattle, WA. It was a great opportunity to discuss and share our research with others in the field as well as attend many interesting talks and posters. John, Nicki, Wanze, Bridgette, and Jane attended the conference and our lab made several presentations. John presented two posters, “Cortical Source Analysis of ERP in Infant Spatial Cueing” and “A Stereotaxic MRI Brain Atlas for Infants and Preschool Children” and was a discussant for a symposium titled “Getting More Out Of EEG: New Inroads to the Developing Brain.” This symposium presented studies from several labs that use EEG source analysis to identify areas of neural activation during cognitive tasks, and John was very excited to see that more labs are beginning to utilize these types of analyses. Nicki presented a poster titled “Developmental Changes in the Infant N290 in Response to Faces and Toys” and Bridgette presented the poster “Visual Preferences in Infants at High-Risk for Autism: Behavioral and Psychophysiological Cross-Group Comparisons.” Nicki (and Bridgette) were able to attend several presentations that examine differences in ASIBS (infant siblings of autistic children) that are emerging very early in infancy, which relates to future studies we have planned in our collaboration with Jane Roberts’ Lab. Wanze enjoyed many of the talks and found BJ Casey’s lecture on “The Adolescent Brain: From Human Imaging to Mouse Genetics” to be particularly inspiring. We all returned to the lab excited to get back to our research and hoping to incorporate some of the new things we learned into our studies.