EEG and ERP Laboratory Experiment Demonstration

The goal of our research is to examine the role the brain plays in the development of infant attention. We present pictures, movies, or sounds to infants and see if they recognize them and pay attention to them. We record the “electroencephalogram” (EEG) because it measures brain activity. We can relate the brain activity to the attention to the pictures, movies, or sounds. This is a baby with a EEG recording net that measures 128 channels of EEG activity.

Infant Development Laboratory

The Infant Development Laboratory is at the Institute for Mind and Brain at the University of South Carolina. Parents schedule an appointment for the experiment, and come to our laboratory. We are conveniently located at the corner of Gervais and Barnwell (1800 Gervais Street). Our building is easy to find, and we provide parking on the side and rear of the building.

Once you're here

Parents (and baby!) are met at the door and escorted to our reception room. There we describe the study and answer questions that you might have. We have you fill out an “Informed Consent Form” that gives your consent for your baby to be in the study. Babies really like this part!!

Measuring head size

We measure your infant’s head size to help use choose the correct EEG recording net.

Measuring heart rate

The infant’s heart rate slows down when paying attention, so we measure the “electrocardiogram” (ECG) to measure heart rate. This is done with small sensors on the baby’s chest. We also use sensors on the side of the head to tell use exactly where the baby is looking.

The "SensorNet"

The EEG is recorded with a “SensorNet”. This net has 128 electrodes and measures brain activity. The “SensorNet” goes on pretty easy, and then we have to make adjustments to make sure it fits well.

Ready to go

The EEG is ready to go. This was very easy to do. Our mom is very happy!!

Begin the experiment

The baby is now doing the experiment. We present pictures on the computer monitor while she is watching the screen. Sometimes we present pictures of faces and toys, sometimes we use “Sesame Street”. She is really interested in these pictures.

All done!

We are done!! She gets a Gamecock t-shirt for participating.